The Jindi Story

Jindi has enjoyed domestic and international recognition and has grown to become a leading specialty cheese manufacturer. It proudly employs over 100 locals, some of whom have been with the company since its inception.

It is this dedication and pride in tradition that has lead to a standard of excellence in quality, consistency and taste. Testament to this is the multiple awards the brand has collected over the years. The ultimate accolade in the cheesemaking world was bestowed on Jindi Brie at the Wisconsin Cheese-makers World Championship – ‘World’s Best Cheese’ in 2002 and more recently at the Guild of Fine Food World Cheese Awards in 2009 where Jindi won four gold awards including the only gold award in any Brie category; and at the 2010 Wisconsin Cheesemakers World Championship with Jindi scoring the highest ranked blue cheese in the World.

Jindi has enjoyed significant growth over the decades, including the opening of new white and blue mould facilities in May 2008 and January 2009 respectively, which extended capacity dramatically. In the face of commercial progress, the tradition of boutique cheesemaking is still upheld at Jindi. Processes are continually fine-tuned to ensure excellence in texture, quality and flavour.

Jindi continues to focus on product development with several highly innovative projects underway. Our continuous focus on innovation and quality will secure Jindi’s place as a market leader today and in the future.Yet this merely marks the beginning of the expansion plans for Jindi Cheese.

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